Air Duct Cleaning Service

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Air Duct Cleaning Service

Does Air Duct Cleaning Service Work?

A regular inspection of your HVAC system may reveal that your air ducts should be cleaned. Before, you may not know how the job is performed and what to expect When you’ve not had your air ducts cleaned. While searching for an air duct cleaning service, pick a company that’s certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

The NADCA has standardized the procedure for safely cleaning air ducts. Subscribe to the association’s standards and safety recommendations. The NADCA specifies chemicals and the equipment that air duct cleaning service technicians must use to securely and successfully clean systems.


The NADCA requires that technicians utilize a strong vacuum designed specifically for duct cleaning. The vacuum could be mounted onto a truck, or technicians may use a unit. Both types of equipment are approved by the association. The NADAA has concluded that both types of vacuums are effective when used properly. Duct cleaners may use wet vacuums and handheld HEPA units.

Access Devices

So as to access the interior of the ductwork, duct cleaning professionals utilize access tools, like drills and saws. The cleaning technicians will insert imaging gear through access points into the duct system to inspect the condition of the interior of the system. Access points could be small to accommodate cameras or hand-held mirrors, or the access points may need to be big enough to accommodate service personnel or larger equipment.

Imaging Devices

Duct cleaning professionals use a collection of imaging devices, such as still cameras, CCTV cameras and mirrors, to evaluate the condition of the interior of the ductwork. Some companies even use remote controlled cameras mounted on wheels to travel through and examine the system.

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Hand Tools

Direct-view periscopes, mirrors and brushes are utilized to check and clean the ductwork. Tools designed specifically for duct cleaning work are used by many businesses.

Compounds and Sanitizers

In some instances, like houses where mold is found, the technicians will use a sanitizer to remove the contaminant.

The Duct Cleaning Processes

Duct cleaning professionals first evaluate the status of the duct system. Ductwork inspection includes identifying areas inside the ducts where dust and debris have built up and leaks, in addition to cracks. Air duct cleaners then attach the vacuum to the ductwork. The technicians use manual or power brushes to remove the debris.

Cleaning your ductwork improves the quality of your home’s atmosphere by removing harmful pollutants which dislodge in the ductwork and contaminate the atmosphere that you and your family breathe. For more information about how to clean air ducts create a healthier environment in your home and may improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, call CARPET CLEANING NYC. We supply heating and air conditioning service for businesses and homeowners in the NYC area.

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