Area Rug Cleaning

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Area Rug Cleaning

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Whether your area rugs have been in your family for generations or you bought them a year ago, you need to keep them clean, vivid and free of odors. While Consumer-grade rug cleaning products can make some stains worse, machine-washing can cause colors to migrate or fade and fringe and fibers may rip; CARPET CLEANING NYC area rug maintain the vivid colors of your rug and can eliminate stains.

Identify the type of dust and dirt while vacuuming as follows:


Invisible particles

This is the sort of dirt that people are unable to be viewed with our bare eyes. Grime and these dust can damage an individual’s health. When any person breathe-in these particles, it may lead to problems.


Visible Particles

This dirt is visible to our naked eyes like sand, fur and hair, etc..


Large Particles

This is the largest type of dirt that could be obviously been seen by people like candy wrappers, hair tie, stapler bullets, coins, leaves torn paper, paper hole punch and paper clips.


We will take great care of your rugs while under our watch, from our initial inspection to through specialist cleaning, grooming and delivery. Our technicians can clean all rugs from: Persian, hand-knotted artisan, Karastan, Wilton, much more and custom-bordered, machine-made. When needed, we’re even happy to hand-scrub your rug instead.

Professional Area Rug Cleaner

Our specialist area rug cleaning solutions will help your rugs prevent irreversible damage that can result from at-home cleaning or lack of cleaning, for example:

  • Premature wear because of excess soiling
  • Lingering pet odors
  • Burrowed insects
  • Mold and mildew
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Weakening of structural integrity
  • Color fading and bleeding
  • Shrinkage of material
  • Torn surfaces

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