Pet Urine Cleaner

Pet Urine Cleaner

Uh Oh! My Dog Peed on the Floor! How to Get Rid of the Smell of Dog Urine

No matter how well trained your dog is, and how diligently you continue to your potty-break schedule, sometimes pee happens. Whether on the carpet, hardwood floor, or anywhere else, prompt action is the best way to be sure that dog urine won’t leave a lasting impression… and smell. And even if you come upon a urine puddle or blot, there are still things you can do to remove the smell.

New Urine Stains on Carpet or Fabric

Dried Dog Urine on Fabric and Carpets

Suppose you did not notice an accident spot until it is dried out? Or, you just moved into a place that was new to discover the living room carpet smells of dog urine? There are numerous procedures to try, while it’s more difficult to remove the smell from dried stains.

Start by rinsing the area thoroughly with plain water. Rent a wet vac and maintain vacuuming and saturating the area until clean. Since the heat will set the stain and the odor permanently, do not use a steam cleaner. If you don’t need to rent a wet vac, you can try wetting and blotting the spot using warm water and wash towels.

If this does not get the smell out, use an enzymatic cleaner. Remove odors and stains and these cleaners work to break down. Make sure to choose an enzyme-based cleaner made specifically for stains.

New Urine Stains on Carpet or Fabric

New Urine Stains on Hardwood

You dog just took a piddle in your hardwood floor. Don’t stand there wringing your hands; you will need to act. Place a thick wad of dish towels or paper towels on the puddle. Your can stand on the towels for a couple of minutes to speed up absorption. Until a towel comes up dry continue using towels to soak up the urine.

Removing Odor From Hardwood

It’s hard to eliminate odors from hardwood flooring because urine can saturate the wood. However, you have a few procedures to try. The first is similar to what you’d use on carpet. Mix a one-to-one solution of white vinegar and water. Using a sponge, rub the solution. Let it sit for 5-to-10 minutes, and then wipe it up with a clean dry towel. Some experts advise using a formula of 1/2-cup vinegar to a gallon of water. If you’re nervous about the effects of vinegar try this version that is more diluted. Either test the solution on a tiny inconspicuous section of floor .

Removing Odor From Hardwood

If the odor lingers, sprinkle baking soda on the ground while it’s still moist, and allow it to sit for at least a few hours or overnight. Vacuum it up using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. As a last step, use. Test it in a small area first, and then follow directions on the product’s package. After the urine and its odor are removed, wash the floor with.

Regardless, of what your puppy has piddled on, your best plan of action would be to act quickly. The sooner you get to it, the more likely you’ll be able to eliminate all traces of urine odor. Aside from wanting your home to smell fresh and clean, you don’t need to leave any lingering traces for your dog to find of his accident, since he can decide this is his favorite spot.

Non toxic DIY formula to remove pet odor an stains from carpet and mattresses. Works!!

You will need-
hydrogen peroxide
dish soap
baking soda
firm bristle brush
terry cloth towels

First, if the stain is wet soak up any excess liquid using your terry cloth towel, paper towel or wet/dry vac.

Mix half water and half white vinegar and soak the stain. Make sure to go an inch or so around the stain to ensure removing all odor. Leave for a few minutes, then soak up excess moisture.

Add a thick (at least quarter inch) layer of baking soda.

Mix together hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. For every cup of peroxide needed, add a teaspoon of dish soap. Apply liberally.

Using your firm bristle brush, work the mixture into the stain.

Let sit for 15 minutes then soak up excess liquid.

Finally, let dry. This can take several hours to all night so be patient. When it’s completely dry take your brush and break up any clump. Vacuum the area. You’re done! There should be no stain or oder left.

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