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Leather Furniture Cleaner

How To: Clean Leather Furniture

Leather is a very durable, easy-care upholstery material, but it does require occasional cleaning and triage. If your leather furniture is looking tired, follow our suggestions for perking it right up.

With its rich color and supple texture, leather furniture invites an element of luxury into your room decor. Despite its opulence, leather doesn’t require the kind of painstaking maintenance you could associate with other refinements.

However, there is a time in the life span of sofas, chaises, or all leather chairs when a care is called for. Rest assured that it’s not difficult to understand how to clean leather furniture, and the process involves supplies that homeowners keep at hand.

Identify the type of dirt and dust when vacuuming as follows:


Invisible particles

This is the sort of dirt that people are unable to be viewed with our bare eyes. Dirt and these dust can damage a person’s health. It can lead to respiratory issues, when any individual breathe-in those particles.


Visible Particles

This dirt is visible to our naked eyes such as sand, fur and hair, etc..


Large Particles

This is the largest type of dirt that can be clearly been seen by people such as candy wrappers, hair tie, stapler bullets, coins, leaves torn paper, paper hole punch and paper clips.

Material and Tools

  • Vacuum (with brush attachment)
  • Clean cotton or microfiber cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Small bucket

STEP 1: Vacuum thoroughly

When you set out to clean leather furniture, the first step is to remove all dust and loose debris out of the piece. You can do this easily by means of a vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to clean between the cushions of the furniture, if there are some. After finished, wipe the whole thing down with a microfiber or cotton cloth.

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STEP 2: Inspect the furniture

Having inspected the furniture in the course of dusting and wiping it down, you now know which portions of the piece look the worse for wear. These are the areas on which you’re going to focus the lion’s share of your cleaning efforts.

STEP 3: Apply diluted vinegar

To address the problem areas, you can use a simple but effective homemade cleaner, comprising equal parts water and vinegar. Mix both in a bucket, then dip into the corner of a fabric. 

Wring out the cloth so that it’s moist but not wet, then proceed to wipe the leather’s parts down. Rinse the cloth after every few strokes to prevent spreading any dirt.

STEP 4: Wipe down the leather

Next, follow up with a dry cloth, making sure to go over every area that you treated with the water-and-vinegar alternative. At no point throughout the process should you allow the leather became soaking wet; saturation is one of the enemies of the material.


Has a careless guest spilled something, and you’re wondering how to clean leather furniture to banish the stain? Do you can probably prevent the injury from leaving a permanent stain, but you will need to work quickly to be prosperous. 

Stains demand remedies:

Wipe away grease stains with a clean, dry cloth. Because the fluid could help the grease soak into the leather, do not add water. If the grease has dried from the time try sprinkling baking soda in order to draw the grease out. Leave the baking soda on for a couple hours, then brush it off.

If there are ink stains on your leather furniture, rubbing alcohol might be the key to removing them. Dab on alcohol onto a cotton swab, then wipe the stain until it clears. Remember for the future that chance using rubbing alcohol to remove patches of mold or mildew on furniture has been reported by many homeowners.

White and beige leather are notoriously vulnerable to stains. To remove spots from such pieces, opt for a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and cream of tartar. Combine the two into a paste, apply it then leave it. Wipe it away with a cloth.

Generally speaking, be wary of experimenting with stain removal products on leather; a few may do more harm than good. Always try a cleaning agent . This way, if things go awry, nobody is likely to notice!

If none of the above methods or tricks prove helpful, consider seeking the assistance of a pro.

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