Upholstery Cleaner

Upholstery Cleaner

Hi, if you’re reading this that would mean that you have a carpet or upholstery and in need of an upholstery cleaner either in your home or office. We at Carpet Cleaning NYC can fix this problem for you with our professional upholstery cleaning services. Just fill out the form or give us a call at 929-552-6800.

5 Benefits Offered by Professional Upholstery Cleaning

There’s a good likelihood that you chose your furniture because of how much it appealed to you. Therefore, you should treat it nicely. Over the course of a day, your upholstery will go through plenty of wear and tear that time may result in damage. Whether you would like to conserve your Grandmother chair, or your sofa needs some TLC, upholstery cleaning that is professional is the best option.

5 Benefits Provided by Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Listed below are five great benefits offered by professional upholstery cleaning:

Improved Air Quality

Upholstery has a fibrous character, which means that it hastens allergens naturally over its lifespan. Professional upholstery cleaning removes dust, pollen, and dander that can agitate eyes, nose, and your throat and cause allergies and extends deep into the fibers of your furniture. 

Removing|Eliminating} those allergens will result in improved air quality in your house and a healthier life for your family.

Longer Life for Your Furniture

It is not a secret. The better that you care for your possessions, the longer they will last. This is true for clothing, for cars, and for furniture also. Professional upholstery cleaning helps to prevent stains from forming on the fabric of your furniture. It removes dust, body oil, and scents which can adhere to upholstery without having the proper maintenance. Using skilled upholstery cleaning will help to end the life of your furniture and over the long term save you money.

Improved Aesthetic Appearance

Everyone seems better after taking a shower, especially if it’s been a while before they had one. The exact same is true for upholstery. Your furniture will look renewed after professional upholstery cleaning is finished. 

It will help to reduce deterioration and preserve the cushions’ integrity. Professional upholstery cleaning will result in furniture and a home that are looking.

Safer Cleaning Practices

Fresher, Cleaner Smell

Your furniture goes through a lot over time, and it could start to smell like it’s. From teenagers to mainly-cleaned-up macaroni and pets and cheese spill, there are a couple odors your upholstery is likely to acquire over the course of its lifetime. 

The only way to actually get rid of unwanted odors in your furniture for good is by giving it a deep, thorough cleaning although you might be able to cover a number of those scents up with air freshener. Give your furniture a fresh start.

Safer Cleaning Practices

Your furniture’s upholstery is not simply an old rag, and you shouldn’t wash it like it is one. Upholstery can be very delicate and needs experience and professional handling. 

Who would like to rely to preserve the life of their furniture, although you can buy a bottle of cloth cleaner at the store? 

Professional upholstery cleaners have been trained to determine what the cleaning methods are for materials, they can find out the best method that it looks good as new once again, for cleaning your upholstery.

#1 Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional on Amazon:
#2 Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner on Amazon:
#3 HOOVER Spotless Deluxe on Amazon:

Previous test:

We tested 3 of the best upholstery cleaning machines for cars which also happen to be great for carpet and furniture cleaning as well.

We tested the Bissell Spotclean pro 3624, the Rug Doctor Portable spot cleaner and the Hoover Spotless Deluxe.

In a previous video which I will link in the description we tested these 3 units with stain tests and airflow test on carpet and found that although it was very close the Bissell SpotClean Pro did the best and was the easiest to use.

Our test on car upholstery was mainly to see if there was anything different with regard to their performance on auto upholstery.

As far as the performance, they all sucked out lots of gross stuff from this 200,000 mile truck but since there weren’t really uniform stains we will have to defer to the previous stain test and say that they were all nearly equal with the Bissell Spotclean pro doing just a little better.

But as far as specifics related to auto detailing, there are a few things to note

First the Bissell has the longest cord at 22’ which is good but you are most likey going to use an extension cord anyway when cleaning cars, but the extra 7 ‘ could be the difference in your situation.

The Bissell and the Hoover also come with 2 sizes of brushes, the smaller of which is specifically meant for auto detailing.

The Rug Doctor on the other hand only has the one brush. But its brush does have a feature where if you flick a switch it moves part of the brush around with a motor. I personally didn’t use that feature much because you have to put a lot of pressure on the handle to suck out the all the water and I didn’t want to put all that pressure on a motorized part of the brush.

The Rug Doctor has the longest hose of the 3 units but it’s the only hose of the 3 that doesn’t seem very sturdy, which is odd because the rest of the rug doctor seems very well built but the hose seems like it would be the first thing to break. In any case since all 3 units were able to fit on the floorboard the hose length was not an issue.

As with the carpet tests I would have to recommend the Bissell Spotclean Pro for car upholstery as well, as it was the easiest to use and based on the previous stain test it performed the best. I also found its construction to be very sturdy.

The Rug Doctor is a very close 2nd

And the Hoover is the only one I would not recommend at all, due to its being more cheaply made, harder to use and having the worst showing in the pervious stain tests.

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