Water Mitigation Services

Water Mitigation Services

Hi, if you’re reading this that would mean that you are in need of water mitigation services either in your home or office. We at Carpet Cleaning NYC can fix this problem for you with our professional water damage restoration services. Just fill out the form or give us a call at 929-552-6800.

According to FEMA, mitigation is the process of reducing the loss of land due to the effect of disaster. Water mitigation refers to the process of drying, sanitizing, cleaning, repairing, and restoring a property. The procedure for water damage clean up is not uniform. Water damage situation and every property is unique, requiring an individualized plan of action to complete the mitigation process.

Assess the Situation

Evaluate the Situation

The first step in mitigation is evaluation. The cause of the water damage must be ascertained, and if needed, repairs should be made to stop the potential for more damage. Water damage may be drastic and immediate, as in the case of natural disasters or a leaky pipe, or it may take place slowly. 

Plumbing, roofs, or other water entry points can create environments ripe for other damage and mold formation.

The category of water damage also has to be evaluated. Different water mitigation techniques are necessary for different kinds of disasters. Categories of water damage are defined as white, gray, or black, depending on the severity of contamination found in the water. 

Grey and black water can be hazardous to animal or any person exposed to its health. Deciding which type of basement water damage you have can be tough, so you might want to contact an experienced professional to mitigate water damage and standing water.

Create a Course of Action

Once the situation has been assessed, the next step is to determine a course of action to remove water and moisture in the property. Any standing water must be removed. Wood floor drying systems extractors , sub-floor drying systems, and air movers are using to professionally remove any and all standing water.

Get Dried Out

After the standing water has been eliminated, the remaining moisture must be removed from both the atmosphere and the structure itself. At CARPET CLEANING NYC, we use freeze drying, dehumidification, and strength dryers and blowers eliminate mold-friendly environments and to remove all remaining moisture.

These techniques can even be applied to drying sensitive materials, such as books, paperwork, archives, carpets, and rugs.

Bring Your Home Back to Life

Bring Your Property Back to Life

The last step in the mitigation process is the sanitation and restoration of this structure. From time to time, water is the smallest concern when dealing with flood damage. Oftentimes, a property’s arrangement is influenced the most. 

Damage from water needs to be properly sanitized and restored to ensure the property contributes to a safe and healthful condition.

Once the property has been thoroughly dried and sanitized, the restoration of your structure can begin. This includes the replacement and restoration of ceilings, floors, and walls. Carpets stretched, dyed, and carpet pads might have to be cleaned, or replaced.

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When it comes to restoring your property, water mitigation is an important process. We specialize in drying, cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring land damaged by flood waters that are hazardous. If you have water damage contact CARPET CLEANING NYC to discuss your situation.

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