Water Restoration

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Water Restoration

Steps of the water restoration process

In case of water damage in your home, the best thing to do is call a water damage restoration company. When most of the damage to your house will occur, the initial hours of a water damage event are. The longer the water stays, the more extensive will be.

After you have called a water restoration company, when they arrive, they’ll proceed with the following four steps:
Assessing the extent of the water damage – this will include a walkthrough of the damaged region. Bordering areas to the region that is affected will be inspected. The tricky part about water damage is that it can seep into areas and go unnoticed unless a specialist investigates the area.


One of the best approaches to vacuum them is to use a vacuum machine onto a slow and gentle way. This will allow the carpet fibres to vibrate and all of the dust could then collect at in the cleaners.
The water damage restoration company will then start to eliminate the standing water. This process involves water vacuums and water extraction pumps that suck up the water. The water removal is often one of the most significant and stressful areas of the job.  As it’s a race against the clock, the longer the water stays, the more damage it’s doing to the structure.

Professional Water Restoartion Service

After all of the water was removed, the next phase can begin. Drying the distance and getting the humidity out of all that standing out water. Through the use of large fans and air movers, the area can start drying and getting aired out. 

Air movers and the fans circulate the air and radically expedite the dehumidifying and drying processes.

The final step is when the water damage removal company begins the actual restoration process. This process consists of removing the carpets, drywall and sheetrock . This measure is the barometer for a successful restoration job. It will show whether or not the water damage restoration company was able to restore the area.

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